Krico 600 Full-Stock sporting rifle 5.6x57mm SOLD



A very nice and quite rare Krico 600 (or might be 626 or 700) in the very rare in the UK 5.6x57mm RWS chambering.

It has a 22″ barrel and a nice full length “Mannlicher” style stock. The scope is a Pecar 4x-10x power, reticle moving scope in expensive Apel swing-off mounts (we think the scope may have a “bouncy” reticle so it should be considered as needing repair).

We have brass and dies on order and the cartridge uses standard .224″ diametre bullets rather than the more obscure .228″ used by some other European .22 centre fire rounds so reloading shouldn’t be a problem.

The bore is bright and shiny and the rifle seems to have done very little work.