Ruger Precision MAGNUM Rifle. (.338 Lapua) SOLD




The new RP Magnum rifle in .338 Lapua.

Scaled up version of the Precision Rifle. 30 MoA picatinny rail, fully adjustable stock, etc…..if you’re looking at this you probably don’t need us to tell you all the spec’s.

As all Precision Rifles, it comes with two magazines from the factory.

This is a LOT of rifle for the money. Nothing similar comes close in terms of value.

If you would like to purchase this firearm you must follow the instructions on your FAC/SGC. These are;
You must send the FAC/SGC to us;
We will enter the gun on it and return it to you;
We will notify your issuing force of the transaction;
We will then send the gun to the RFD you have arranged to receive it;
You must then produce the FAC/SGC to the receiving RFD when you collect it.

We will not send a gun to another RFD for them to fill in the certificate.
Carriage to your RFD or your RFD’s fee is not included unless agreed with us in writing.