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Stock Code: 3556/7

Condition: New

Calibre: 12 bore

Type: Shotgun SA

Price: £725

•Built to Jerry Miculek’s specifications •9-Round extended magazine tube •Beveled loading gate & shorter forend for quicker loading •Oversized bolt handle and bolt release •Dual gas system offers lighter recoil and easier cycling In the world of competitive shooting, the name Jerry Miculek is synonymous with record-breaking success. A highly-accomplished shooter and five-time USPSA 3-Gun National Championship winner, Miculek depends on his equipment to reliably-deliver when fractions of seconds count. Now you can shoot the same shotgun that this legendary champion uses as Mossberg proudly announces the JM Pro Series 930 Tactical Class of signature shotguns. Initial offerings in this series of competition-oriented autoloaders include 10-shot and 9-shot versions with many performance-enhancing features. Further distinguishing this signature series is the “JM Pro Series Tactical Class” logo laser-engraved on the receiver.

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