GSG AK47 semi-auto rifle (.22LR) needs repair. – SOLD



A GSG AK47 replica. This is from one of our members who has retired from shooting. It was sold new by us and has had very little use. However, it has a fault in that it repeatedly misfires. We simply do not have the time to investigate the problem, hence, cheap -£125!

If you would like to purchase this firearm you must follow the instructions on your FAC/SGC. These are;

You must send the FAC/SGC to us;
We will enter the gun on it and return it to you;
We will notify your issuing force of the transaction;
We will then send the gun to the RFD you have arranged to receive it;
You must then produce the FAC/SGC to the receiving RFD when you collect it.

We will not send a gun to another RFD for them to fill in the certificate.

Carriage to your RFD or your RFD’s fee is not included unless agreed with us in writing.